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My First VoxBox from Influenster... the #SparkVoxBox!

Influenster is a website and app where you try and review products for free! The more social media you connect, the higher your impact score will be, which will help make you eligible for more voxobox campaigns and opportunities! The more items you review, the better! Also, the more you engage with others in discussions, the better! Let me remind you that this is a COMPLETELY FREE program, they will NEVER ask for a credit card or debit card.   Anyways, I received my very first voxbox about two weeks ago, the #SparkVoxBox. You can search the hashtag on Instagram to see for yourself!  What's in the box?  -Live Clean Coconut Milk Lotion  -Pure Silk Contour 6 blade razor -Pantene Foam Conditioner -Swisspers 100% Cotton Makeup Remover Wipes  -Coupon for a free 20 ounce container of Country Crock with Sunflower Oil  Yes! All of this! I was, and still am, SO HAPPY!! This is all FULL-SIZED products! The lotion was so moisturizing, it even helped with my excema. My skin is so

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